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OSSOM Fire Safety Kit (60 Min)

OSSOM Fire Safety Kit (60 Min)

“OSSOM Fire Safety Kit (60 Min)”

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Price: INR 8,899.00 - INR 5,400.00
(as of Oct 03,2019 13:13:02 UTC – Details)

OSSOM Fire Safety Kit (60 Min) 10

Fire Safety Kit 60 Min – Fire-related injuries are dangerous and have caused death 80% times in a fire. Ossoms custom made complete Fire kit delivers everything you are looking to safely escape any kind of fire situation. It is purely designed with the right kinds of equipment such as smoke protection mask, fire blanket, and glow sticks. Our custom designed high-performance mask hood provides you with 60-minute protection against deadly smoke and gases. The kit also contains a heat reflective blanket with an ultra-bright glow stick that offers protection with light required for finding a way to safety through strong heat and smoke. Every moment matters at the time of high rise fire in your home or workplace. Take your family to safety with Ossoms Fire Kit.
Ingredients: The Fire Safety Kit is custom made to escape a smoke-filled burning building. It holds the following equipment to help you use at the hour of need and come to safety without wasting any moment:
Two Smoke Protection Mask- 60 min, Two Fire Blanket (1 X 1 mitre) (Premium Quality Heat Reflective Blanket), Two Glow Sticks
Benefit of Product
Smoke Protection Mask: Our Smoke Protection mask, suitable for adults and children above three, helps you at a fire situation with following features:
Smoke respirator filters air for 60 min.
Smoke hood reflects heat protecting your head and face in the harm situation
Clear visor protects your eyes from dense smoke and deadly chemicals
Reflective Blanket Glowing Sticks:Ossom custom made reflective blanket helps you cover yourself and the ultra-bright glowing stick alerts the responders to your current location even through dark smoke and less visibility, As the fire increases and smoke fills the exist route, save yourself with Ossoms ultra-bright glow stick and find the way in a smoke-filled environment without causing yourself any harm.

The Fire escape kit designed in a way which makes it economical, low-maintenance, simple to handle and extremely lightweight mask.
Fire Escape kit help you ensure well-being and safety of our loved ones.
Universal size – it’s a one size fits all universal, can be used by men, women, senior citizens and teens.
Package includes: Two Smoke Protection Mask- 60, Two Fire Blanket (1 X 1 mitre) (Premium Quality Heat Reflective Blanket), Two Glow Sticks

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