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The White Willow Contour Cervical Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow- White

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Size:X-Small  |  Color Name:White

Smarter. Cooler. Better
Choosing the right pillow is the first step. There’s no single pillow that’s great for everyone. The right pillow will provide the right comfort and match easily to your preferred sleeping position

What’s special about The White Willow Small Contour Cervical?
Orthopedic Cool Gel Infused Ventilated Memory foam Pillow?

Cool Gel Infused Ventilated Memory foam with Pinhole Design helps support your neck, head and shoulder. Especially designed and developed to help remove excess body heat and moisture and promote an all year long natural cooling air. The Gel Material inside the foam pad keeps your head and cool and provides relief from pain and aches.
Orthopedic Support Surface cradles your neck and head in comfort and ensures proper spinal alignment.
Reduced Tossing and turning while sleeping, thus ensuring a sound sleep.
Good things come in Small Packages: Ideal for people who prefer small sized pillows. The pillow is a smaller version of the King Contour, thus being helpful for individuals who may be quite tall and want a pillow that ideally fits properly in beds.

Measures inches 18.5″ long x 10.5″ wide x 2.9” tall. Thicker Lobe (contours) is 2.9″ and lower lobe is 2.3”.

What do we offer with the Pillow?

An Elegant White Removable Outer Cover with a zip: The beautiful hues of white in the outer cover brings freshness and tranquility to your beds, as the White Willow Contour Cervical Orthopedic Memory foam Pillow in a premium soft removable White outer cover with a zip, is soft, easy on the skin and comfortable.

About Us
The White Willow has been founded with the vision to redefine luxury and comfort, and change the way the world sleeps. We offer an exclusive range of Luxury Home products- Bed Pillows, Decorative Cushions & Speciality Support Pillows. Our premium pillows are affordable and easily accessible to all.

UNIQUE SHAPE OF THE CERVICAL CONTOUR SPONDYLITIS NECK PILLOW : Contour design, which upholds the neck and the head by distributing the weight evenly and eases shoulder, neck and other bodily pain issues. It conforms to the natural curve of the body to ensure better comfort. The Cervical Contour Orthopedic Ergonomic Design reduces neck and back pain, alleviates shoulder stiffness, gives proper spine alignment, and helps your muscles relax
ZERO PRESSURE RELIEF and PERFECT COMFORT with HIGH DENSITY MEMORY FOAM : The regular Memory foam pillows provides pain relief from backaches, headaches, neck issues or other related problems which we face due to stress or unhealthy lifestyle. Dive into the Memory Pillow comfort, feel its magic working, as your body starts feeling rested and relaxed
ERGONOMIC – Proven contour design perfectly supports and aligns your head, neck, shoulder and back. You will fall asleep faster and deeper. It is possible for you to experience some discomfort during the first two weeks while your body is trying to adjust to the correct position. Try it for a level of comfort whether you are back sleeper, stomach sleeper or side sleeper
HEIGHT and SIZE : The pillow is developed with several standard sizes, and contains different heights, where one can choose between the higher lobe, or the lower lobe to choose their comfort. The level of pillow loft varies from person to person due to personal sleep position, head size / height, overall body size / weight , shoulder width. Suitable for all sleeping positions. Comes with a Outer Cover with a zip which is soft and easy on the skin
All the pillows are under One-year Warranty/ The odour, if you experience is not harmful but only fresh smell of Memory foam pillows. The pillows can be easily aired out, or kept in the sun to rid of them quickly. The Pillows are vacuum packed and takes 48 -72 Hours to Retain Its Shape

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